The Trip Home (Day 51)


On Friday morning at 4 am, I took all of my bags down to the hotel lobby for my transfer to the airport.  Last time I hope I ever have to get up that early for a flight!  I had a flight from Athens to Madrid at 7 am. When I got to the Madrid […]

Athens, Greece (Day 50)


view on the way yup the Acropolis of Athens The Erechtheum mom and me in front of the Erechtheum On Thursday (July 14), we started off our day with a trip to the Acropolis of Athens and Parthenon in Athens.  We got off of the bus and a few minutes after it drove away, mom […]

Mycenae & Athens, Greece (Day 49)


Mycenae: Treasury of Atreus (tomb) View from Mycenae Mycenae museum: necklaces, perfume bottles On Wednesday morning we went to Mycenae with a tour guide and saw an incredible beehive tomb (Treasury of Atreus) that had been built into a hill!  It was just incredible, I really can’t fathom how people figured out how do these […]

Olympia & Tolon, Greece (Day 48)


Philippeion Philippeion This morning we woke up and walked with our tour group over to the Olympic ruins which were a five-minute walk from our hotel in Olympia.  We had a tour of the ruins and saw where the ancient Greeks held the first Olympic games. Leonidaion It’s absolutely incredible to me how archaeologists can […]

Ravenna, Italy & Olympia, Greece (Days 46 & 47)


Ravenna: Dante’s tomb On Sunday morning we left our hotel in Venice and drove to Ravenna, Italy.  Hm.  Not so much to see there!  I think it’s on the tour itinerary because they need some sort of filler to not waste the entire day.  In Ravenna, we found Dante’s tomb and several churches decorated with […]

Venice, Italy (Day 45)


gondola ride our troubadour typical gondola seats Today our tour group went to Venice for the day.  Gorgeous!  It really looks just like it does in the movies, unlike so much of the other stuff I’ve gotten to see in person.  We started off our day with a gondola ride!  Mom, Nancy, Jennifer and I […]

Verona & Venice, Italy (Day 44)


Verona Verona: Juliet’s house Verona: Dante’s house Verona: Juliet’s house Verona: Romeo’s house Verona: Lyle Lovett poster Arena Verona Whew!  On Friday, our tour group moved out of our hotel and got on the road to Verona, Italy.  In Verona, we had a walking tour led by a local tour guide.  She was a fast […]

Pisa & Florence, Italy (Days 42 & 43)

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The cathedral and Leaning Tower of Pisa On Wednesday morning, our tour group left the hotel and drove for several hours to Pisa so we could see the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  What a beautiful building!  Truly, it was so beautifully bright and just so interesting looking, even without the leaning!  The tower is actually […]

Rome, Italy II (Day 41)


Vatican museum Vatican museum On Tuesday morning, our tour bus left the hotel at 7:25 am for the Vatican.  Mom and I were planning to get our own tickets to go in to the Vatican museum and Sistine Chapel (no pictures allowed) since we’d already seen in St. Peter’s the day before, and because the […]

Rome, Italy I (Day 40)


St. Peter’s Basilica St. Peter’s Basilica Monday morning I woke up after two-and-a-half hours of sleep to load my stuff into a cab at 3:30 am and go to the airport.  Blegh!  It ended up costing 77 pounds.  Made me sick to my stomach.  Not sure how a 14ish-mile trip to the airport in London […]