DC Update 3

I can’t believe another month has flown by.  Spring is in full swing here now and the scenery has become breathtaking.  The cherry blossoms were incredible while they lasted.  This past month I continued my regular job duties, survived probably the roughest phone call I’ll ever encounter, and got to go to a fundraiser for Congressman Carter!
A work-related highlight of the month was the Republican National Conference Committee’s March dinner.  Congressman Carter is the Conference Secretary and he had a few extra tickets so the office was kind enough to let me go.  It was held in the National Building Museum and was absolutely gorgeous!  I sat at a table with our staff assistant, Victoria, and several other people.  We got to hear Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal speak.
I went to New York again to visit my sister, brother-in-law, nephew and niece, and got to see an absolutely amazing musical called Wicked on Broadway, and a play called The Unseen that my brother-in-law was working for.
Spring Break for Texas was a busy week for our office!  We had several tours scheduled every day, so I have now given 14 tours to a total of 67 people.  One of the tours I gave was to a family originally from Sri Lanka.  They gave me a Sri Lanka flag pin at the end of the tour.
A very new experience I had was campaigning for a candidate in the New York special election for the vacant seat in the House of Representatives.  I don’t know how many phone calls I made, but most people didn’t answer so I just left messages for them.  The neat thing is that the election ended up being so close that at one point the difference of votes could have easily been the number of calls I made.  They still don’t know who won!
My parents got to come up to DC for a trip with the Texas Farm Bureau at the end of March.  I took one day off of work to take them around sightseeing and the other days they had meetings to attend.  It was great to get to show them around and then go to the events Farm Bureau had planned for them!  I got to sit in on their group meeting with Congressman Carter, took photographs with my Congressman, Lloyd Doggett, went on a night tour of the capitol with Congressman Louie Gohmert, and on a night tour of the monuments.

Week Nine: Dinner with Dr. Elliot head of the Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications department at A&M
Week 10:  At the circus in Verizon Center with some of the other interns
Week 10: The Washington Monument
Week 10: Part of the Korean War Memorial
Week 11: RNCC dinner at the National Building Museum
Week 11: Some of the A&M interns before our tour of the Pentagon
Week 11: Beautiful Saucer Magnolia tree outside of the Smithsonian Castle
Week 12: Congressman Lloyd Doggett, me and my parents
Week 12: The view of the National Mall from the Speaker’s balcony.
Week 12: Dr. Murano with some of the interns after a hearing she was in town to testify for.
Week 12: President of Texas A&M, Dr. Murano and me
Week 12: The White House, statue in President’s park, and beautiful tulips
Where I’ve been since my last update:
Senate gallery
Senate floor
The Pentagon (tour)
The Speaker’s balcony
Prayer chapel in the Capitol
Eastern Market
National Postal Museum
Sewall-Belmont House (tour)
Union Station
National Museum of American History
Vietnam Women’s Memorial
Korean War Veteran’s Memorial
Tidal Basin
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
Jefferson Memorial
George Mason Memorial Garden
US Holocaust Memorial Museum
National Aquarium
Decatur House (tour)
Blair House (outside)
Renwick Gallery
The Octagon (outside)
DAR Headquarters
Organization of American States (outside)
Verizon Center
National Building Museum
Carnegie Library (Historical Society of Washington)

US Navy Memorial and Naval Heritage Center