DC Update 4

My last month in D.C. was filled with just as much excitement as the first three.. and I can’t believe it’s over!
I got to go to the Supreme Court on April 22 to hear an oral argument for Ricci v. DeStefano.  It was one of the more popular cases chosen so the place was PACKED and there were several TV stations filming outside!  There was a waiting line to get in just to be able to sit for 3 minutes and listen.  Once I finally got in, I was allowed to stay for the last 30 minutes since I was an intern on Capitol Hill!
The next week, several of us got to go meet Congressman Edwards.  He set up a time for the Aggie interns to come to his office so he could talk to us about our internships.  It was really neat to get to meet him and hear how he became a Congressman.
In my last two weeks, I got to meet and take pictures with Senator Hutchison and Senator Cornyn at events they have each week to meet constituents.  I also got to go on a tour of the capitol dome with one of our staff members!  He was taking a group and invited me to come along.

Here are some pictures!
Week 15: The view of the Lincoln and World War II Memorials from the Washington Monument.  This same day I got a ticket to go through the White House Grounds and Gardens.
Week 15: Arlington National Cemetery for Aggie Muster wreath laying.
Week 15: One of the groups I took on a tour.  They were all members of embassies in D.C.  Two were from Canada, then one from Germany, Korea, Belgium, Estonia, Montenegro, Chile and Algeria.
Week 15: I went back to the Vietnam Memorial one last time.
Week 15: I visited Dumbarton Oaks in Georgetown.  It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen!  The gardens just went on forever.
Week 15: My roommate Jenna and I rented a car and drove to Monticello.  Of all the houses I saw during my internship, it was my favorite by far.  It was VERY unique inside and out!
Week 16: The view of my building, Cannon House Office Building from the top of the capitol during the dome tour I went on.
Week 16: The National Cathedral the third time I visited for “Flower Mart.”  I went on a tower climb during this visit!
Week 17: My sister, brother-in-law, nephew and niece got to visit right before I left!  My nephew and I flew a kite in front of the Washington Monument.  The next day we went on a boat ride (pulled by mules!) up and down the C&O Canal and got cupcakes at famous “Georgetown Cupcakes” for his fourth birthday.
Week 17: Old capitol columns at the National Arboretum.
Week 18: On our last night in D.C., my roommate Amanda and I took her sister’s car into town around midnight to see the monuments one last time.  It was absolutely beautiful.  There was hardly anyone out.  At one point, I was the only person in the Lincoln Memorial.
Week 18: I left for the airport at 10:30 Eastern, my flight left at 1:40, and I had a three-hour layover in Denver.  I finally arrived in Austin a little after 10 Central for a total of 13 hours in airports and on planes!  By my travel still wasn’t done!  I called my parents when my plane landed, and one of our mares was in labor so they hadn’t left for the airport!  My dad ended up having to take the mare to the vet for a caesarean section, so my mom had to come get me by herself.
Where I’ve been since my last update:
Washington Monument (inside)
White House Garden Tour
National Geographic Society
Cathedral of St. Matthew The Apostle
Charles Sumner School
Einstein Monument at The National Academy of Sciences
DAR Headquarters (toured)
Department of the Interior Museum
Heurich House Museum (outside)
National Trust for Historic Preservation (outside)
Wadsworth House (outside)
Washington Club (outside)
Anderson House (outside)
Woodrow Wilson House (toured)
Textile Museum
Embassy Row
D.C. WWI Veterans Memorial
Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site (inside)
Dumbarton House (tour)
Oak Hill Cemetery
Mount Zion Cemetery
Tudor Place (tour)
Dumbarton Oaks (toured gardens)
Old Stone House (outside)
Montpelier (tour)
Monticello (tour)
U.S. Capitol Dome (tour)
Old Stone House (inside)
C&O Canal
Washington Harbor
Blues Alley
Dean & Deluca (inside)
Forrest-Marbury House (outside)
Halcyon House (outside)
Worthington House (outside)
Prospect House (outside)
Georgetown University (outside)
Cox’s Row
St. John’s House (outside)
Berry House (outside)
Laird-Dunlop House (outside)
Library of Congress Reading Room
Department of State Diplomatic Reception Rooms (toured)
U.S. National Arboretum

With John Cornyn
With Kay Bailey Hutchison

Me with Congressman Carter on the steps of the house side of the capitol
       So after four months in Washington, D.C., sorting 5144 faxes and 20968 digital and physical pieces of mail, giving 23 tours to a total of 98 people, and about 13 hours of airports and planes on the way back, I write from home, sweet home in Buda, Texas.