Globe Trotters

You usually know my horses because they’re named after things to do with movies (much of the time Disney ones Pocahontas, Skywalker, Black Beauty, Evenstar), renaissance fairy tales (Arthur, Guinevere, Lady ‘O Lake, Lady Elaine), or the latest string, anything to do with being an Aggie (Aggie Wrangler,Starr Boogie).  For this year they have taken on a new theme.

My first foal of the season was out of my mare Rosaline.  Rosaline was named after a character in Romeo and Juliet, the book I was reading in high school when she was born.  Rosaline had a baby this year and I named her Verona (last year she had Juliet) to follow the Romeo and Juliet theme but also tie into my trip!

Flower Girl, Lauren and Athena

Next, I had a Paris and then Olympia.  Well last night my last pregnant mare (Flower Girl, named when I was the flower girl in my sister’s wedding) had her baby and I’m trying to figure out a name before I leave for the airport in an hour!  I think I’m going to go with Athena (Athens would sound too much like a colt).

Keep a lookout to see what her name ends up as: Little America Foals, she’s the sorrel filly that was born this morning, dad had three mares that went into labor last night!