Notre Dame/The Islands (day 4)

Notre Dame: the back side view, pretty different!
Today (Sunday) my roommate and I went to the international service at Notre Dame.  Wow!  That place is incredible.  Something that I didn’t expect when I walked in though was the smell!  It had such a strong musty/old scent!  Anyway.  It was great.  And almost a little scary when the organ played, and was very beautiful to hear people sing during the service.   
Afterwards we looked around then went outside and started a walking tour of the islands (Île de la cité where Notre Dame is and Île St.-Louis) that was listed in my tour book (National Geographic Traveler – Paris).
Thanks to the beautiful pictures in my tour book, we decided to get tickets to go inside of Ste. Chapelle.  If you ever go to Paris, GO to Ste. Chapelle!  It is a absolutely gorgeous chapel that has more stained glass than you can imagine.  My pictures don’t do it justice, you might want to Google it!
After Ste. Chapelle, we continued our walk and saw a bird market, and then ended up on Île St.-Louis.  After seeing long lines out of many stores, we found out it was the hot spot for ice cream and sorbet.  We were trying to decide which line to join when I overheard someone say that a certain one was said to be the best and point across the street… so that’s where we went.  I had a cone with “raspberry with hint of rose” sorbet and “honey with nougat” ice cream.  The sorbet was pretty amazing, the rose flavor was so different!
Berthillon: great sorbet

Berthillon: the long line!
Notre Dame and a bridge where my roommate explained you leave a lock and make a wish