Banff, Alberta, Canada

On my first work trip of 2015, I got to go to Banff, Canada.  Wow.  Absolutely breathtaking town in the winter and I can only imagine it’s also gorgeous in the spring.  Here are some of the photos I was able to take:

Our stunning hotel, Fairmont Banff Springs
View from the hotel
Very interesting, they use gravel instead of salt to help gain traction on ice because salt will attract animals that could be hit by oncoming traffic.

Gravel to assist with traction
View on the walk from the hotel to the town
Banff, Canada

One night, our department had a teambuilding event where we got to carve ice… it’s just as difficult as it looks!  They had template designs started out for us, then taught us how to use a few different tools to complete the designs and make them our own.

Our ice carving team

One day during the meeting, we had a bit of free time in the afternoon.  My manager and I signed up for the sleigh ride activity.  Beautiful scenery of course!  She also got to make smores for the first time.

The sleigh group in front of us
Some wildlife during our sleigh ride
My manager and me with the sleigh we rode on

My manager roasting marshmallows for the first time

Here are a few other pictures from the trip:

Fascinating ice

frost on the parking garage window
take two: frost on the parking garage window
take three: frost on the parking garage window
The view from the hotel