London III (Day 39)

Tower of London: King Henry VIII’s armor

 Today I got a ticket to see the Tower of London and ended up spending most of my day there.  Very cool place!  I’m really glad I went.  The crown jewels were INCREDIBLE!  One of the diamonds was 530 carats!!!!!!!!  Woah.  Gorgeous!

After I finished up at the Tower of London, I rode one of the big red busses, then went to the Globe Theater to see if they had any performances tonight.  I ended up standing in the returns line and got one of their standing room tickets for 5 pounds!  Yeah!  FYI, if you ever go, they sell standing room tickets for 5 pounds, just book in advance, or stand in the returns line and cross your fingers.  I saw Doctor Faustus.  I’d never read it, but I liked it.  And before the show, I ran down the street and grabbed some fish and chips for dinner!  Very good!

Tower of London: horse of the kings

Awesome, during intermission, a guy asked what class I was, he and his girlfriend both were wearing Aggie Rings!  He graduated in 2006 and she graduated in 2011.  AND… as I sit in the kitchen of my hostel writing this, the girl next to me just asked what year I am… there are two more Aggies in the hostel!  Awesome!

Gotta make this one short because I have to leave my hostel in 3 hours (yes, at 3 am) to get to the airport for a 6 am flight.  Meeting my mom, cousin and aunt at the airport in Rome (hopefully they’re on their flight right now!).

Tower of London: saddle

Tower of London: one of the smallest armors in the world, and the biggest

Tower of London

Tower of London

Tower of London

bus ride

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater: Aggies!