The last day: Marrakesh, Morocco (Day 9)

My last day in Morocco, we headed back to Jamaa el Fna to continue the search for a lamp and for me to get some pictures since I taken many when we went before.  We started off with a video of the snake charming:

Snake charming

And I finally got a picture of the robe I’d seen so many people wearing across the country:

Then we made our way into the souk, possibly my favorite place in Morocco.  Well.. tied with  hamams. I was determined to find a lamp to take home and Hajar was determined that he would find one offered for a good price.  It was a good goal because it required us to search the place up and down, giving me lots of opportunities for pictures of the fascinating place.

Walking through the souk
The colorful souk in Marrakesh

 Once we’d been searching unsuccessfully for a bit, we decided to take a break and have some coffee at a coffee place that overlooked a courtyard area of the market.

View of the market
My coffee

 After that we headed back into the souk to continue our quest to find a table lamp.

Hanging lamps
So colorful!
Spices for sale
Leather belts and bags for sale

After a lot of searching, we came across a man who decided he was going to help us; Hajar later nicknamed him our “guardian angel.”  He left his own booth in the souk–which was filled with tea sets, plates and pots–and led us through the market to several different vendors until we found a lamp I liked that was a price Hajar agreed with.  He also haggled and argued with vendors for us… amazing!  Here is a video of a little bit of that journey:

Hajar had wanted to buy a tea set so she purchased hers from our guardian angel when we returned to his booth and then we each took pictures with him.

Me with our guardian angel who helped us find my lamp
My lamp and decorative bottle

Later that evening we made the drive back to Casablanca, I packed my things and headed to the airport the next morning to go home.