Versailles (Day 8)

Versailles gardens

Today my roommate Teresa, one of the girls downstairs (Jennifer) and I rode the metro and the RER to get to Versailles!  Wow.  It was PACKED which made it an exhausting day.  We were standing in lines to get tickets/to get in for over an hour and a half.  It was so beautiful.  Here are a ton of pictures!  Unfortunately the fountains turned on at 3:30 and we were in the palace by then.

Loved this fountain!
It didn’t look like a maze on the map, but it got confusing!
Teresa, Jennifer and me

The front of the palace

View from the palace

another view from the palace

The queen’s bedroom

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  1. Ah, Versailles. Can you believe all the GOLD? we didn't get to see that cool fountain — I think was under construction when we visited. Glad you made the trip out there, but sorry you had such a mighty long wait!

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