Marrakesh, Morocco (Day 7)

In the morning we had breakfast and then went to meet Hajar’s middle brother, Rachid.  He drove us to Jamaa el Fna, a square and market (“souk”) nearby that Hajar had told me I was going to love.. she was right.  When we walked onto the square, there were vendors showing off monkeys and snake charmers!  I had no idea snake charmers were an actual thing.. but there they were.

We ventured into the market and began shopping.  I bought instruments for my niece and nephew (a small version of the iron castanets the Gnaouas played in the desert to go along with the CD), a wooden tissue box for my grandmother, a personalized bookmark for my brother-in-law a scrubbing shower mit (like what was used in the hamam) for me, and a black leather belt for my dad.  The belt turned out to be quite the adventure.. I knew that my dad would need a belt that allowed for the buckle to be changed out, but no one had snaps or even understood what I was talking about.  Rachid was sure we could figure it out, so I bought one and we went around trying to find a vendor who could convert it into snaps!  We didn’t find snaps, but he ended up taking it somewhere and it had removable screws installed.  We also searched for a lamp, which I had really wanted to find, but didn’t see the right one.

After lunch, we went to Jardin Majorelle, a garden formerly owned by Yves Saint Laurent and wandered around, then went into the Berber museum connected to it.

Jardin Majorelle
Jardin Majorelle
me and Hajar in Jardin Majorelle
Jardin Majorelle

While we were in the area by the garden, we went into a store and I found a Simpsons postcard that I bought to send to a friend.

Marge Simpson in Morocco

After that, it was back to Jamaa el Fna, where we continued shopping and I bought a Hand of Fatima charm for my charm bracelet, and a silver bracelet.  A little later, we met Hajar’s dad for some Moroccan mint tea and then went to the square for dinner.  At night, the square at Jamaa el Fna transforms into a myriad of food vendors/restaurants.

Jamaa el Fna is covered with food vendors at night
Hajar’s brother and dad chose one for us, and we waited, standing closely behind people sitting at the counter until they were done and we could take their seats.  We had fish, calamari, bread, and eggplant.. all so good!

Dinner on the square at Jamaa el Fna
Once we were finished eating, Hajar’s dad wanted to go to one of his favorite places nearby to buy tongue!  So we went, and I tried some.  Not my favorite, but he was thrilled I tried it.

About to cut a piece of tongue for Hajar’s dad
Tongue and bread
Herb juice

After trying the tongue, we went over to a vendor that sold a sort of juice made out of countless spices, and we each had a small cup of that.  Again. not my favorite.  I would probably take the tongue over the juice actually.  But it’s supposed to be healthy.  The vendor let Hajar and me climb up into the booth to take a picture with her dad.

me, Hajar and her dad

After that, we headed back to the hotel to get some sleep.